Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All things work out for the best

I'm so thankful for God and they way he works things out! Puppies go to better homes, what goes around comes around and we are blessed with special people in our lives! All things work out for the best if you just let it happen!

Beetle wore herself out this morning and pulled the clean whelping box pads down from the chest so that she could go to sleep.

Ada will be arriving today to spend some time and (ok here is the real reason) Cindy is coming to "visit" Mud! Since Sierra and Cindy came into season a day a part Mud will REALLY be happy to see Cindy! I didn't know a male could wine so much......*slap on the forehead* yes I do. LOL Sorry backtrack moment!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's quite!

It's been a long time since we got to train a puppy! Beetle will be staying here for training with Samantha. We got to go to her first Confirmation/Puppy Kindergarden class this past Sunday and it was a blast. We have a little Lillie in the house! Pre-ma-donna to the hilt! Everyone got a kick out of her sitting her hind end on the balance beam like a human. Not once, not twice but three separate times! Everytime a puppy came to "check her out" she politely but very snobish like turned to face them and sat her butt to the floor! Of course the looked great on the lead and the trainer was impressed. Samantha has worked hard with her on the leash training and for 8 weeks to move around the ring without pulling is great! Stood in a stand stay for exam from both a man "judge" and female "judge". Need some work on the teeth but that will not take much to get her to settle at people looking at them.

Got the house back in order after puppy whelping.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving on!

The last trip to the farm for awhile...well I say that but you just never know! We figured out that it was over a year since I have been there but Samantha has enjoyed making visits often. That won't happen again for me to be gone! Sorry but it's just my slice of heaven in the mountains and I did not know HOW much I missed it until I got to spend some time again. Looking back it has been a year of very mixed emotions. Puppies have been a big part of it. Don't like having back to back litters we do know that! We love the puppies and for the most part the wonderful people we get to meet when our kids are going to there new homes but for those that just put a bump in the road just frustrate me to heck! Which brings me announce:

We have a black/white brown eyed fantastic male available!

He is our only black/white boy from this litter. We have been calling him Pat Jr. this past weekend because he is so much like his daddy. Layed back boy just wanting a lap to lay on!