Monday, May 25, 2009

The eyes have it!

I have never have puppies keep their eyes closed this long. Late yesterday after noon they started looking at me!

We have spent the whole weekend cooped up keeping Samantha company. She has run a fever of 102 and just feels cruddy.

Puppies got the first of several worming treatments and that went uneventful. My vet recommended on the last litter that we start at two weeks and continue on the 3,4 6, 8 and 10 that it becomes more of a preventive vs having to deal with....well let's not get into this. As a breeder this subject is not one of my favorite things on my list to deal with!

This morning the liver girl had an ear of one of the other puppies just a suckin away! Poor kids! Now I have a puppy with a very wet ear. Personalities are coming out more and more. Love this next couple of weeks coming up. We get to see them begin to play/interact with one another and Lillie still has mommy duties. After week 5 than the real labor begins! I will be so much easier with a back porch and Samantha home for the summer. Some of my litter have been in late September/early October and makes it difficult to introduce puppies to being outside. I'm always amazed at how well after the kids go home do with potty training. I have always wanted my puppies to be on a regular schedule prior to leaving our home that way it give everyone something to start with.

I received a picture from Fiver's family. He lives in Asheville with a wonderful family and he is the center of attention with 5 kids. Very much loved as are all of the kids we hear from. I get pictures all of the time and are proud to see that our puppies have such good homes. Copper is on the side bar pictures, full brother to "Mud".