Thursday, June 4, 2009

To much fun!

Nothing else to say but we have been having way to much fun with the puppies to take time out to blog! These guys have been great fun this past week! We hold them, talk to them and nuzzle with them and they wag and talk back! Everyone can hear and that takes a lot of pressure off of a breeder!

We have a show this weekend in Asheville so think good thoughts! I hate leaving the puppies for any amount of time but I have to transport Samantha and Mud to the showsite so that she can stay at the Dalmatian farm for a week. I'm jealous but will get to meet up with everyone the next weekend for the show in Waynesville! A few breeders including the owner of the sire, Ada, will get to really see and play with the puppies for the first time. I can't wait! I enjoy getting to see more experienced hands handle the puppies so that I can see them stacked for the first time. As usual I have my eye on a couple of kids for show quality so keeping it to myself we will see if I got it right again! I get to see BUNKER (Enchanted Hart Starr on Bunker Hill) and FIVER (Enchanted Hart Five Starr) this weekend also. This is two of the three boys that are in show homes from the previous litter.

Puppies started hanging off the second layer of the whelping box so we had to finish off the box for them to be safe. Now Lillie will be building back her muscle by jumping over the box to get to the kids! They are figuring out the pecking order and I so enjoy watching everything the puppies put into getting in line! I have been taking pictures and will have time to take more, down load and get them on Sunday so check back!