Monday, June 8, 2009

What a weekend!

Announcing.....CH Green Starr's A Patriot -- "Daddy Pat!"

Not only did Ada finish one champion but TWO and got a major on her girl Dolly this past weekend! Congrats Green Starr's A-Ada!!! LOL

I got to see the Bunker boy and Fiver boy! I'm very proud to have such good homes for these fantastic boys as I am all of the puppies we have placed! We are excited to have Fiver come and stay with us in a few weeks while his owners go on vacation. As is Nash, both of these boys have the best personality. Go to a dog show for the first (and second for Bunker) and just lay down at will, relax and wag tails at everyone and everything! If I have not explained before so that everyone understands why I write so much about these guys...they are full brothers to this litter of puppies.

OH THE PUPPIES...oh the puppies - what can I say...I'M IN LOVE! I think Ada gets tired of me saying "I can't wait for you to see these guys!" Well she won't have to wait long cause...we are taking them on an adventure this weekend so that Ada and Oksana can look over the litter.

We continue to socialize and actively stimulate the puppies in individual play time. They had a big day yesterday moving outside for 7 hours and having there first plate of goats milk, rice cereal and formula yum! Cleanest puppies that I have experienced. Not a one stepped in the bowl. Lillie enjoys this part because she can usually spend time cleaning put the mess but not this time! It only took them one time to figure out the chow call of "puppy, puppy, puppy" because when I did it this morning to wake them up for chow they came running! Since it is a smaller litter than I am use to they seem more in tune with human bonding. Just hate to see that since I just love to do the luv-a-bug with them!