Monday, June 29, 2009

Life is good!

Samantha and I got back last night from another wonderful trip to the farm! Hearing test were performed Friday morning at the University of Tennessee and no surprises great stats once again for this group! For the first time in 3 litters Lillie has produced show girls! ALL THREE will be placed in show homes and I could not be more excited! Oh yes I could! Looks like the two liver boys are also going into the confirmation ring! We have to wait for one another breeder to finish evaluating next Saturday to confirm the other evaluations. All things work out for a reason. I got to meet one of the puppy owners yesterday. She made me cry which often happens remembering the loved dogs we have lost and meshed with holding a new family member brings a rush of emotions! Originally she was to get a girl but as I knew once she met the boys she was in love. Boys always do that to the right people that have open hearts. As I tell all of my puppy people when I start talking to them. I don't know what we are going to get and to be open to color and sex. I have not had one puppy placed that it has worked out for the best! Rachel and Nash from the last litter has been the best example of that! This also includes puppy people that are so closed minded to spotting, color and sex. If I have a person that does not even care about meeting the puppies and seeing personalities vs looks and sex of the puppy it's just best to move that person on to someone else. In the long run no matter what is placed in that home they won't be happy.

We thought most of the puppies would be going home next weekend....looks like I will have a few to stay on due to vacations. Oh I just hate that :)....puppies that I get to enjoy, love, play with!

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Back to the farm Thursday and than next week Samantha and I have high hopes that we will finally get to close a chapter in our lives that has been a complete nightmare for us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayer that what comes around will FINALLY go around!