Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where did the babies go?

Oh no don't be alarmed! They are just SO big now! Lillie got in to nurse them last night and I just look at them and remember how little they WERE!

I was without Samantha last week and it was tough all around. This weekend I packed up the EHDALS auto with everyone and headed to the farm. Dalmatians everywhere! Like a little slice of the most wonderful cake you can imagine. Got the puppies unloaded and Oksana and I had some time to take in the puppy sights before the SHOW van arrived. It was loaded with the winners dog/best of winners, "Mud" and winners bitch, "Dolly" from the dog show!!! After Samantha and Ada got "sanitized" we parked chairs under the huge umbrella (got to get one of those) and ex-pens and waited......I knew Samantha and I could not say anything because that would give away what our thoughts were. After what seemed forever Ada finally gave the "nod"! Love that when it happens both in the ring and out. Again Lillie and Pat DID complete a repeat performance to a fantastic litter. Now the wait. Hearing test are scheduled for June 26th in the morning, they are going to be evaluated conformationally in the afternoon and than we will know were everyone is going (or staying). We are traveling to the University of Tennessee for this testing. Just hate when that happens that I have to find a reason to stay in the hills of Tennessee!

This past Sunday we went to the show with Samantha and Mud being the only ones showing. For the second day in a row "Mud" went winners dog/best of winners! Oh and the girl, she showed him up by going BEST JUNIOR HANDLER beating over 30 other Junior Handlers. I have never heard the crowed erupt like that when a Junior won before, oh yeah she had all of her moms there and than some! Thanks to Michele Wrath and Ada for giving her some great handling training after Saturday's show. Obviously it worked.

We get some time off from showing. We better because Samantha is lined up to show 9 out of 11 days at the end of July!