Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend

I have enjoyed this week with the puppies. They have moved to the big yard with so many things to keep them busy they just come in at bedtime and off to sleep! How did I live without a grass matt? We had a pretty bad storm a couple of nights ago and I just got up, swepted off the grass matt and got the puppies up and on it for the morning feeding. Samantha is doing such a great job with them during the day. Playing with each one of them is important part of socializing them for there new homes. I can't believe how this time has flown by. We will do the first set of shot for them tomorrow for the trip to the University of Tenneesee next weekend.

Lillie is looking great as she always does. Samantha already has her in training jumping over the agility jumps and doing obedience. She has been the best Mama and has not missed a beat. Well I take that back. Last night at 12:30 am when she looked over the side of the whelping box, the kids got sight of her and SHE didn't want to jump in and nurse them! She looked at me wagging her tail as they were crying the high pitched cry that they make at 12:30 am saying "I'm over that". Thanks Lillie! I got up at 5 am and fed them knowing that last night was the first time they went without a "snack from the milk bar". Only 10 minutes and back to sleep. Great time for a post!

Puppies all have great personalities as they did the first litter. The boys again have the greatest layed back "I'm the dude" attitude with one of them just being the marmaduke dude with nothing phasing him what so ever! Girls never stop and are the first to jump, roll, tug any new item introduced to the ex-pen condo. Just can't believe we are going they will be 6 weeks old on Monday!