Monday, November 16, 2009

Announcing CHAMPION Southern Chic Echo's Lil Secret "Sierra"

Traveling home yesterday from Concord North Carolina we had the privilege of having a new CHAMPION in the van with us! CH Southern Chic Echo's Lil Secret "Sierra". This girl has been such a pleasure to have with at Enchanted Hart. I love her dearly and to watch her move is really a treat in the show ring! Right now in the show ring we have a real problem with top lines in tail sets in my opinion. This past three days of showing Sierra stuck out for correct movement, top line and tail set! She won her 11 and 12 reserve to a major on Friday and Saturday and thanks to Judge Kenneth Buxton on Sunday Winners Bitch to finish her. I'm so thankful we did not have to make it to #13! Samantha has been using her in the Juniors ring and has placed in her class with one exception. Mud is a great, tail wagging, give me the win face show dog but we have learned with some Juniors Judges that does not work. Sierra shows is a very stand/stack tail out perfect and does not tend to move her feet when placed allowing Samantha to show her handling skills vs fighting with Mud on "no I want my foot here!". He is young and will grow into "oh ok this is what we are doing"!

We are going to schedule Mud for his therapy testing, I hope, in January. He is such a layed back love a bug I just can't wait to share him with everyone that needs a Dalmatian pick up. He will still show in the Juniors ring from time to time. Samantha is enjoying the variety now and can't wait for Beetle to mature for her to show.

Michele and Tom Wrath...what great people! At every show we are at they have been ringside for Juniors and not only giving advice to Samantha but any parent with a Junior in the ring. Tom has the best advice to very little things that make the biggest difference! Thanks for doing the things you do that mean so much. Michele I can't wait to go shopping after Christmas with your suggestions!

I had to go in the ring this past weekend and TRY to get a dog not to get the major. In other words mess him up something horribly. Well he won and not with my handling skills! He was in the ring to hold the major, so I did not use bait, I let him look at the boy behind, I almost walked around the ring and started to skip. As I got in line when the others where stacking up the dogs and I was not going to, I looked down and "BAM" four feet stacked perfect looking at me tail out wagging saying look at me! Have to remember in the future just how well Pam Fisher breeds and trains her Dalmatians! I have really liked that boy from the first day I saw him and what a joy it was to be on the lead for him to get his 3rd major after he was already a Champion. Congrats Pam for doing what you do so well!