Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks for the Reminder!

It's been way to busy! A good busy!

The blood draw last weekend in Knoxville was great. Thank you Donna and everyone that made it such a success! We got to see two of the puppies from the May litter along with owners and it's just fantastic! One puppy named "Gus" went to a home that had Dalmatian that did not get along with many humans and made it tough for them to have people in there home or go for happy walks. Well things have changed with Gus! Mike and Karen have done a great job with him! He had a hard time keeping all four on the floor and keeping his tail from wagging! Love it! He will be in the show ring in the spring.

Our Beetle was away for 5 weeks and boy did we miss her! We had a Dalmatian in the house for Samantha to show and Beetle spent some time at her Dads! I think she enjoyed her sister Kate and Dad Pat but man I am glad to have her home! Samantha finished "Danica" the Dalmatian we had here and she got to go home.

OH BY THE WAY!!!! Mama Lillie is now....CHAMPION Volunteer's Enchanted Hart!!! Love that girl! I will post the picture as soon as we get it.

No puppies planed for a while! Enjoy having them but Samantha has many goals to get accomplished for the next 12 months. 10 wins for Westminister and 5 wins (one of which she got last weekend) for Eukanuba. She is also very focused on her Flute and will be competing in District in the next 4 weeks and attending the University of Georgia by invitation also.

Beetle will enter the show ring for the first time next Sunday!